KIKI – Food for dwarf rabbits - 800 Gr

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KIKI – Food for dwarf rabbits - 800 Gr

Excellent food for dwarf rabbits, provides all the necessary nutrients to avoid deficiency states and helps reduce strong urine odors. Composed of 13 selected high quality ingredients, its enriched formula contains vitamins and protein granules which provide an additional contribution particularly indicated for animals during the breeding or gestation period. Properties: Helps reduce strong urine odors. Provides the nutrients needed to improve the quality of life of dwarf rabbits. Provides a large amount of vitamins. Composition: whole food pellets, wheat grain, peeled oats, dehydrated carob beans, wheat flakes, dwarf corn, barley, corn flakes, popcorn, puffed wheat, yellow, green and orange corn croquettes. Presentation: 1 sachet of 800 gr.


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