Exo Terra - Dinosaur Egg and Waterer

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Exo Terra - Dinosaur Egg and Waterer

Exo Terra's Fossil Shelters add extra appeal to your terrarium while providing a safe haven for reptiles and amphibians living in the terrarium, also help create a humid microclimate. They are available in different designs and sizes: Dino houses are ideal for nano-terrariums and mini terrariums while skull houses are for larger terrariums. Exo Terra Fossil Shelters offer multiple entrances for easy access and add an extra dimension to your terrarium setup. Dinosaurs have dominated the earth for more than 140 million years and are considered the ancestors of modern reptiles and birds. Exo Terra's Dinosaur Eggs provide a hiding place, which gives a Jurassic touch to any terrarium. In addition, the Nano size has a drinking fountain. Characteristics Dimensions adapted to fit in a terrarium of all sizes. Provide a safe hiding place for your reptile. Skull, bones and eggs with a realistic look. It fits into any type of terrarium. Helps prevent stress. Made of resin.


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