Cat toy with catnip

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Cat toy with catnip

Cat Play's new pirate toys are ideal for keeping your cat active and stimulating their senses, encouraging hunting by helping them get daily exercise. Cats like all living things need a balance between the calories they ingest and the energy they run off, and just like us, benefit from a good exercise session, and what better way than to play? One of the newest additions to cat play is the fun pirate line, which has created toys with exclusive cat designs full of colors and different textures and materials, such as feathers, bells, etc. These colorful toys will make your cat a playful pirate. These toys contain catnip, which means they have more motivation to wake up than your pirate cat has inside. Catnip drives most cats crazy! They love to bite, grab and scratch at toys or scratchers soaked in or sprayed with catnip, drawing their attention to the products for them, rather than your household furniture.


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